Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You're a hard pill to swallow
and I've swallowed a lot of pills.
I have to cut you with a butterknife into 4 jagged pieces
and gulp water and red wine until I'm drunk and drowning
just to get you down.
And I don't understand how you can talk about how you hate "the blacks" and "the Jews" with a smile on your face
but yell at my kids for wearing shoes in the house
like there's nothing worse then getting dirt on the floor.
You talk like your words are diamonds
but nothing you say is diamonds
just cut glass.
And I'm sorry I don't send "thank you"s
but you won't swim with black people because you say they make the water dirty.
You put bumper stickers on your car that say "Stop the War!"
and tell me not to eat sea bass because its endangered
But if you don't care about people,
how can you care about fish?
Well I guess you are an expert in cold blooded creatures.

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