Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, I went out in the freezing Cleveland cold just for a juicy cheeseburger (I find I'll do a lot for a cheeseburger) and was totally taken by just how alive and colorful Coventry is, even buried in snow. Even without people walking its sidewalks. It just really proves what I thought this summer; Coventry has an energy to it. I'm new to this place but am so excited not to be a tourist. Venturing to other hot spots along this city and coming back to Coventry that night, I take a deep breath and feel totally comfortable in my new home. Its just my scene. I never felt like I belonged to any place before. I don't think this is my last poem about this street. I hope someone found it.

I took a picture but, there is only so much justice you can do when its 20 degrees outside and you can't feel your fingers.

This winter
covering the street like some sort of hippy wedding gown
Mixing with ice
and lights
and people
and art
But never freezing Coventry's colors

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  1. Some of the brothers found it. They found it and ripped it off. They thought it was ridiculous, a dumb place to put it. And brought it back to the house, and made fun of it.

    I grabbed it, just because you talked. I could hear you. I don't even know who you are. I don't know if you are a guy or a girl or anything. Just a human. Its just a simple thought. But everywhere around, things are always "do this":"don't do that":"buy this" ....For once somebody just said something to another, without a motive or goal or wanting something from me.

    You are a signal through the static.
    Thank you.